Here at Trendy Products, we are slightly addicted to interior design.

Having a fab in-house interior designer does have its perks, after all. Way too many times, we have asked our lovely Grace Jones for her help or just opinion; way too many times, we have spent on Pinterest looking for just the right shade of grey.

Bottom line, luxury interiors are our bread and butter and it just makes sense that we love anything about exclusive, one of a kind furniture and interior design... but what about you?

Are you addicted to interiors? Here are 5 signs that you might as well be...

1) You love cushions, blankets and is that a tea cosy?

Let's face it, you love home accessories and who can blame you? Complements are just as important as furniture, if not more. No reason to leave your beautiful furniture out in the cold when there is so much choice. Personally, we are quite partial to the Gallery Direct range:


2) Pinterest is your best friend

You have a board for your current home, one for the one you wish you owned and maybe a third one for your future kids'; hey, we are not judging!

We completely understand. Pinterest is our weakness and we love that we get to admire so much beauty in one place searching for all our favourite interior items, styles and latest trends all the time.

3) Furniture showrooms are like home to you!

You might as well fall asleep in one of those beautiful beds and have a nice, cuppa  at those impeccable breakfast tables. We know what it is like, trust us. We spend most of our days in our Cardiff Bay showroom and it's such a treat to be surrounded by so much beauty on a daily basis.

Don't take our word, make sure to pay us a visit today! We are open until 5.30 pm: