Comfort is the most important part of any living room, which is why we are excited to offer the stunning Fama collection of irresistibly indulgent sofas and lounge chairs.

Fama pride themselves on their impressive range of innovative and functional furniture, with each design focused on comfort above all else. "Sofas to enjoy at home" is more than just a slogan - it is a way of life for Fama.


Based in Spain, Fama have over 30 years of experience in creating truly excellent modern sofas and armchairs. By utilising a combination of advanced technology and expertly skilled workers, they seamlessly fuse style, quality and durability into each and every piece. This allows them to offer a beautiful range of contemporary living room furniture that ticks all the boxes.

Using innovative 2D and 3D technology, Fama are a step ahead of the curve in offering their customers a unique experience. Customers are able to completely choose their own customisation options, and can receive an instant 2D rendering of their own personal design. The impressive 3D printing system allows Fama to finish a product every 2 minutes. Fama also ensure that 92% of the waste material generated during production is recycled, making sure they are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Customers are able to choose from a wide variety of leather and velvet options, or can create their own customised finish by choosing from hundreds of cotton, linen, velvet and patterned prints on the Fama Simulator.


The design process at Fama is lead by Felix Lopez Gil, who creates each piece with a "special touch". With the aim of being enjoyed at home, the design team go above and beyond in not only meeting their customer's expectations, but also exceeding them. From unique pieces such as the Moon curved recliner to the undeniably chic Pacific curved 2 seater sofa, Felix and his team are consistently pushing the boundaries of design.

BLUE-MOON-CHAIR 3 curved-recliner

While Fama products are designed to offer comfort that can be enjoyed for years to come, their collection of modern living room furniture is also made to bring effortless style into your home. Whether you are looking for a sleek leather sofa, a contemporary chaise longue or a luxurious armchair and recliner combo, the Fama range has it all.


A few of our favourite pieces from Fama can be found on display in our Cardiff Bay showroom, such as this luxurious Pacific curved sofa.


The full Fama range at Trendy Products can be found here.