Having a good home office space is imperative for anyone who tries to be even remotely productive while working from home - we've all been there, propped up in bed with a laptop trying to get through our to-do list... and failing.

German furniture manufacturer Maja Mobel know that the best method for success is to have a good working environment, which is why they have created a truly outstanding collection of home office furniture. From large corner desks to smaller laptop desks and from spacious storage solutions that fill a wall to compact under-desk pedestals, this collection really does have it all.

Maja has been creating modern home furniture since 1964, and are renowned for their ability to take advantage of technological advancements to offer innovative and stylish designs that can fit into any home. Maja are also famed for their impressive office collections, which offer a huge variety of furniture pieces to suit all needs. Their System range is designed cater to any needs, offering a selection of designs that ooze contemporary cool such as the white and grey furniture set below.

System Office Furniture Set With Desk in Icy White With White or Grey High Gloss Doors by Maja


Maja's latest range of desks, the Edjust collection, is designed to offer ergonomic flexibility with adjustable height. This function allows you to use the desk at whatever height is best-suited for you, including standing positions. This collection offers a wide selection of designs and finishes, allowing its innovative design to be used in a huge variety of home office schemes. The desk height is electronically maneuvered with a dual motor frame, and comes complete with a UK mains plug.


Edjust Mini Office Cabinet With Motorised Height Adjustable Desk by MajaEdjust Motorised Height Adjustable 155cm Desk With Optional Accessories by Maja

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