Happy National Siblings Week! To mark the occasion we have decided to let you explore one of our most sibling-friendly brands here on Trendy Products: Rimobel.

It's no secret children spends lots of time in their bedroom, playing with their siblings and learning about the world one bedtime story at a time.

Spanish brand Rimobel designs bedrooms to suit both children and teenagers thanks to its wide range of designs and colours.
One of the best things about Rimobel is the versatility of its products which can be tailored to different needs as well as its fantastic use of space for storage; so that you can maximise and optimise every inch of the room.
Today we recommend two different bedroom solutions:
This contemporary children's bedroom composition features the following furniture items:
- Bunk beds with safety rails and an easy to use ladder.
The bunk bed also features 2 large drawers and requires a standard 190cm x 90cm mattress.
- Wall mounted desk. The desk features shelving units with 3 open shelved sections and 2 cabinets with doors.
- Corner wardrobe has 3 hinged doors with a hanging rail and 2 shelves.
You can choose this children's modern bedroom composition in the colours shown or in your own choice of colour. If you prefer to customise your composition and change the colours, handles, units or storage options please contact us directly by phone or email.
Email us [email protected] or call on 0845 299 4211
 If you are looking for a more modern set, we couldn't recommend enough the following kids' bedroom set.
Perfect to optimise your space and in a fab range of different colours, this bedroom sets features the following items:
-Single bed with a practical pull out guest bed or trundle bed on wheels. The guest bed is finished with sleek round handles which add a modern touch.
- A sleek desk
- Wall shelf with divider
- 2 hinged door wardrobe with round handles which match the bed. The wardrobe interior features a hanging rail and 2 shelves.
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