When we think about our Made in Italy brand Tonin Casa, we immediately associate it with elegant and sophisticated pieces of furniture which are capable of standing out in any interior.

After all, you are guaranteed to attract admiring glances when Tonin Casa is in your home.

Founded by Gianni Tonin more than 30 years ago, Tonin Casa is today one of the most appreciated Italian furniture brands worldwide.

Standing for elegance, innovation and passion, Tonin Casa has been a wonderful addition to Trendy Products’ luxury range of modern furniture.

As the end of Summer approaches, it’s time to think about your space: how can you better de-clutter before the start of the academic year and optimise your interiors?

We believe that Tonin Casa’s different and versatile ranges offer the best solutions for any luxury space in much need of beautiful, made to order furniture. What are you waiting for? Have a look below:

Here are some of Trendy Products’ favourite pieces of furniture by Tonin Casa:

-Modern Honey 3-Door Sideboard:

Nothing sweeter than our Honey. This elegant sideboard features a delicate fusion of materials with a mirrored surface, wooden decorative elements, metal base/legs and internal transparent glass shelves. Modern and sophisticated, this sideboard has 3 doors offering plenty of storage space. This sideboard design is also patented; this means that you won't find the same pattern anywhere else. Click here to find out more or come to have a look at our beautiful Honey at our Cardiff Bay-based showroom; we will be there with a nice cuppa!

-Contemporary Kos Coffee Table with Storage Space

This modern and eye-catching coffee table features a smooth design. This little piece of luxury furniture has a rounded base and a perspex top available in a range of glamorous colours. The top can be lifted offering plenty of storage space which is ideal for magazines or books. This contemporary coffee table is perfect if you want to bring a little outdoor touch indoor; perfect if you are not ready to kiss Summer goodbye just yet.

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-Contemporary Paris Large Cabinet

This beautiful large cabinet features as one of the main furniture elements of the Paris collection by Tonin Casa. Boasting a unique, elegant design with tempered glass overlaid with laser technique cut doors and sparkling Swarovski crystal doorknobs, this cabinet is available in different colours. Need a drop of extra glam to your interiors? Don't forget to add a mirrored back panel and/or LED lighting to this beautiful piece.

Click here to find out more about Paris cabinet now.

-Contemporary Tokyo Extending Dining Table


This modern and contemporary extending dining table features a clean-lined modern design with a rectangular top which is available in glass, ceramic, wood or marble. This table has stylish white curved legs and an aluminium guide bar allowing the table to extend. This table is one of our favourite items by Tonin Casa for its effortless and timeless style which makes it perfect for any interior.

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